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Door Communication with ABB free@home

Published on 07 Nov 2021 inspire

The ABB-Welcome door communication system is a modern, stylish fitting design that is ideal for use in new buildings as well as to modernise existing homes and apartments.

Your front door is the gateway between two worlds - private and public, and it's important to keep this safe as possible. The video camera in the ABB-Welcome door communication system records pictures of visitors at the door when no one is home, so you always know who has been to your home.

Integrate your ABB-Welcome door communication system with ABB-free@home for greater functionality 

The ABB-Welcome door communication system and ABB-free@home automation can be used together with ABB-free@homeTouch 7". This integration can enable a whole range of additional features, for example, automatically switching on the light when the doorbell rings so you can see your visitors more clearly, and other 'Welcome scenes' that your customers may want to automate.

With the simple integration, ABB has made it very easy to achieve these scenes with no programming required. You can give your customers the efficiency and benefit of having one screen to manage it all.

  • Large touch display (7", 17.8cm), to recognise who is at the door
  • Easy operation keys for opening doors, mute function, and lights
  • Integrated picture memory
  • Configuration of “Welcome scenes” when a visitor rings the bell or the door is opened

The ABB Welcome Intercom 

The ABB Welcome Intercom is an impressive package suitable for a single house or up to 250 apartments and 60 buildings

Key features and benefits 

  • Easy to install and commission with a 2-wire door intercom solution
  • Designed for integration with free@home using only one screen
  • App connectivity via an IP-Gateway
  • Wide-angle vision
  • Ideal for multi-residential units
  • Gate and concierge stations available
  • Access control via IC or ID card reader
  • Keypad access
  • 3rd party access control integration possible via Wiegand output
  • Lift control
  • Many options for extra indoor and outdoor stations.
  • Simple management interface.

Style meets function

Good design is not simply about appearance; it is also about functionality. 

The ABB Welcome Intercom and Welcome IP door communication systems have an elegant and unique snap-in design. Made from high-quality materials, these ABB door entry systems offer a range of innovative features like remote access, video surveillance, property management, and much more.

To learn more about the ABB-free@home products, contact us on 1300 811 510.

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