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Skilleroo Anthony Cobb attends Ivory Egg's KNX training to prepare for his WorldSkills competition in Russia

Published on 12 Aug 2019 help

Skilleroo Anthony Cobb, who is competing for World Skills in Russia attended Ivory Egg's KNX Basic Certification Course this July to prepare for his international Global Skills Challenge in Kazan, Russia. This competition's focus is primarily on KNX home automation, hence why Anthony came to Ivory Egg for training. Worldskills is the worlds largest competition for young people in vocational training. Anthony Cobb is one of 15 Australians called the Skilleros, who are that will be traveling to Russia to compete from the 22nd to the 27th of August 2019 against 1400 other apprentices from 67 countries.  

Anthony won Bronze in the Global Skills Challenge in Melbourne in April 2019. He then came third in his most recent international WorldSkills competition in China last month and is hoping to do just as well in his next competition.

Ivory Egg is very glad that they could take part in helping Anthony prepare for his next competition and wish him luck in Russia!

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