Intra-Sewi KNX L-Pr Presence Detector with Brightness Sensor, white RAL 9010
ELSNER 70671

Intra-Sewi KNX L-Pr Presence Detector with Brightness Sensor, white RAL 9010

Product code: 70671
The Sensor Intra-Sewi KNX L-Pr for the KNX building bus system captures brightness and the presence of persons in rooms.
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  • Presence detector/movement detector
  • Mixed light measurement (daylight and artificial light)
  • Constant light control for optimum use of daylight
  • Awarded design with glass surface
  • For ceiling installation
  • Also as a combination sensor with room thermostat

Technical Details



Housing: Plastic, glass
Colour: similar to pure white RAL 9010 
Assembly: built-in, in false ceiling or connector socket
Dimensions Ø x height above wall: approx. 80 mm x approx. 5 mm, height in wall (installation) approx. 31 mm (incl. clamps)
Degree of protection: IP 30
Weight: approx. 50 g
Ambient temperature: -20…+60°C
Ambient humidity: 5...95% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature: -30…+70°C

KNX bus:

KNX medium: TP1-256
Configuration mode: S-Mode
Group addresses: max. 254
Assignments: max. 254
Communication objects: 22
Nominal voltage KNX: 30 V DC SELV
Power consumption KNX: max. 10 mA
Connection: KNX plug terminals
Duration after bus voltage restoration until data is received: approx. 5 seconds

Brightness sensor:

Measurement range: 0 lux … 2,000 lux (higher values can be measured and output)
Resolution: 1 lux at 0…2,000 lux

Presence sensor:

Detection method: Passive infrared method (PIR)
Coverage angle: approx. 94° × 82° (see also Coverage area of the presence detector)
Range: approx. 5 m




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