KNX Temp controller with screen and LED

KNX Temp controller with screen and LED

Product code: 4969238
Secure communication with support of KNX Data Secure. Access to the room controller via Bluetooth and operation with the IONplay app.
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  • LC display for displaying functions, icons and values
  • Integrated temperature controller for regulating and controlling the operating mode, temperature and fan level
  • 20 freely parametrisable functions
  • Free assignment of icons to the functions (40 icons to choose from)
  • For controlling of the functions switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitter, operating mode, scene, colour control, sequence
  • Display brightness individually adjustable via object or parameter
  • Automatic brightness control of the display depending on the ambient brightness

Technical Details


Operating voltage KNX: Bus voltage 12.5 mA

Type of connection: KNX bus terminal

Ambient temperature: -5°C ... 45°C

Type of protection: IP 20

Protection class: III



Technology KNX
product_subtype Pushbuttons

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