TA 8 S KNX  Universal Input
  • 4969228 ta 8 s knx
  • 4969228 ta 8 s knx
THEBEN 4969228

TA 8 S KNX Universal Input

Product code: 4969228
Switch, dim, send scenes and raise/lower blinds with standard switch plates. Option of connecting an external temperature sensor and the ability to switch 3mA LED's as indicators/alarms with 3 different brightness levels.
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  • Binary input/binary output sensor interfaces
  • 8-way key interface
  • 10-pole cable connection
  • 2 NTC inputs for detection of the actual temperature - must use Theben NTC Temperature Sensor: Temp Probe
  • Can be installed in flush-mounted sockets with conventional sensors/switches
  • Free allocation of functions: Switch/key, dimming, blinds, valuator, counter, sequences, measuring temperature, controlling LED
  • Flexible LED controlling, thanks to increased output current of 3 mA commercially available LEDs and low current LEDs can be controlled
  • Inputs can be reconfigured to outputs with parameterisable flashing and pulsing function
  • Colour coding of wiring pairs
  • Grooves on side of housing for switch/sensor clamps 

Please note - for temperature input one must use Theben NTC Temperature Sensor: Temp ProbeOther accessories

Technical Details


Operating voltage KNXBus voltage, ≤10 mA 
Installation typein flush-mounted socket
Type of connectionKNX bus terminal
Number of inputs8
Max. cable length30 m
Length connecting wires25 cm
Contact current0,5 mA
Interface extension max.5 m
Reaction in case of bus recoveryAdjustable
Ambient temperature-5 °C … +45 °C
Type of protectionIP 20
Protection classIII



Technology KNX
HVAC support Temp Sensing
IP rating IP20
EAN 400346 8491294

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