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Zennio's ZenVoice service for voice control - now available!

Now you can offer your clients voice control with the ZenVoice service.

The ZenVoice service uses the Zennio touch panel Z70 v2 as its communication interface, and it will also be compatible with the Z50 and Z100 touch panels soon. ZenVoice is currently compatible with the Amazon Alexa App, as well as any smart speaker that supports Alexa. 

With the Amazon Alexa App or a smart speaker, you can use the following controls:

  • On/Off lighting type
  • On/Off switch type
  • Dimmer
  • Temperature indicator
  • Scene control
  • Thermostat control 
  • Shutter control
  • RGBW control 

To use ZenVoice you will need:

  • Z70 v2 touch panel (or Z50/Z100 in the future)
  • A remote control license
  • Application program version 3.4 or above with the voice control parameter enabled.

Google Home Assistant Compatibility

ZenVoice compatibility with Google Home Assitant is expected to be released during August/September 2022, and won’t require any additional license.

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