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Basalte | Showtime - Product Release News

We were invited to Basalte's Showtime product launch event, exclusively for their customers, to announce new product releases. With over 100 integrators and distributors present it was a fantastic event, with a great energy in the room as new innovations were showcased.

It is our pleasure to share the information presented by Basalte at their Showtime event, providing you with an overview of the exciting new product launches and updates you can expect to see from Basalte during 2020. 


Basalte Miro

Basalte has always had a focus on keeping user interfaces simple. This is beautifully represented in their first ever remote - Miro.  Machined entirely out of a solid piece of aluminium, Miro can be used to control all the devices and functions in a building using the Basalte Home server.

Sitting comfortably in your hand, the 20 engraved aluminium buttons are easily accessible, and with a 2 inch high resolution touch screen - all the additional functions you could ever need are possible. The central joystick feels natural to use, it is dynamic so allows control of the onboard display, as well as menus and guides on the TV. 

The remote is charged wirelessly using Qi, which would allow a base to be built into a piece of furniture to create a bespoke client solution. Alternatively you can use the Basalte base which provides an elegant solution in a range of metal finishes.

The Miro is expected to be available near the end of 2020.

Core Mini 

Basalte Core Mini

The Core Mini packs a lot of punch given its size and is a big addition to the Basalte Home solution. With a wired KNX connection it provides direct native control over building automation and can can also control an ever increasing array of audio & video devices including IOT solutions such as Philips Hue and intercom systems. 

Working with the elegant Ellie touch screen or Basalte Home app the Core mini is compact, yet just as powerful as the main core server so can meet the needs of homes of all sizes.  

Features include:

  • Native KNX integration with no limit on group addresses or objects
  • Integrated aerial for the Miro remote
  • Powered by POE or USB
  • Supports Sonos integration
  • Works with Ellie and existing Basalte app
  • Perfect for installations where the full Asano music solution isn't required

The Core Mini is expected to be available near the end of 2020.

Sonos Integration

In addition to their own music streaming solutions, which offers high fidelity audio across a range of powered speakers and amplifiers, Basalte have added support for the Sonos system. Compatible with the existing core server and the new Core Mini, 4 zones can be controlled from both the Ellie room controller and Basalte home app, and with the User Interface already focused on music, it offers a unique way to control Sonos. 

This is a great way to extend existing installations with wireless speakers or for rooms that still require music but don't need the level of quality that the Basalte amplifiers and servers offer, such as kids rooms, garages or utility rooms. 


Basalte Fibonacci

12 years since the revolutionary Sentido, Basalte have reimagined the design of the user interface. Building on the incredible success of the Sentido the Fibonacci is based on the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.

Basalte Fibonacci Brushed Brass

This revolutionary light switch combines innovative technology with a refined design and high-quality finishes. 

When approaching the switch, Fibonacci’s interchangeable labels subtly light up to welcome you and provide clear indication of the functions to control. With the slightest touch, you can enjoy the ultimate control comfort. 

Features of the Fibonacci include:

  • Interchangeable labelling field with proximity backlight
  • 2 button or 4 button
  • All the functionality of the Sentido including multitouch functions, temperature sensing, control and RGB LED.
  • Fits on a wide range of back boxes including European and US

The Fibonacci will be available in all current finishes and is expected near the end of 2020.


Basalte Chopin

After 12 years of perfecting touch and multitouch switches, Basalte introduce Chopin: their first mechanical switch.

Chopin is a KNX and digital output mechanical rocker. Designed to provide a simpler user interface whilst still offering the high level of Basalte design and engineering quality. The levers have a very positive action, which make Chopin a delight to use.

Key features of Chopin include:

  • Available with 1 or 2 levers. Up and down points.
  • Backlit RGB
  • Lever in Chrome, Anodised Aluminum or Gold
  • The KNX version has a temp sensor and thermostat
  • The digital output version requires DC power

The Chopin will be available in all current finishes and is expected near the end of 2020.

For further information, support and details of availability for any of the Basalte product releases please contact the Ivory Egg team or check out this Technical Briefing

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