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Gira announce updates to Gira G1, Gira X1 and Gira Home Server at Light + Building 2018

Gira have some big updates planned for 2108 to increase the performance and functionality of their control solutions.

Gira X1

With its clean and simple design, the Gira X1 has already established itself as one the best looking and easiest to use visualisation solutions. Using an App on Android or iOs devices has always been possible but from June it will also be possible to use the wall-mounted Gira G1  as a Gira X1 client. This offers some major time savings when multiple Gira X1's are in a project, as previously the layout would need to be created on each Gira G1 separately. It also ensures the user interface is consistent regardless of where you access the system.

In June, Alexa integration will be launched, further increasing the functionality of the Gira X1. The secure Gira S1 gateway will be required for this to function but as this device also creates frictionless, secure remote access to the Gira X1  for both the integrator and the customer, we recommend it anyway. It will be possible to control all functions on the Gira X1 from Alexa, and with the group and room features on Alexa, it is possible to trigger multiple functions from just one voice command.

Native Sonos integration will follow in October offering both a simple way to start favourites or use transport control, but also the possibility to use Sonos music as part of scenes and logic. 

Gira G1

Not only is the Gira G1 going to be a client for the Gira X1 it will also become a client for the eNet system and the new Gira Alarm system. 

The Multi Talented G1
The Multi-Talented Gira G1

As it can already be a client for the Homeserver, internal door communication station or operate as a standalone KNX device with an integrated temperature sensor, the Gira G1 is now suitable for the majority of installations. Of course, this is helped by its sleek design which fits elegantly with most interior designs.

Gira Home Server

With the Gira X1 becoming ever more functional the Gira Home Server is receiving a major upgrade from July. This will introduce new ways to; create a visualisation using URL endpoints; increase the usability of the current Quad client design with new user access control; improve the performance of the logic engine; offer ways for integrators and control other IP devices from within the Homeserver environment. This is a major overhaul so look out for more detailed information closer to the release date.

Visualisation created with Gira Homeserver URL endpoints
Visualisation created with Gira Homeserver URL endpoints

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