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ETS6 - The Latest KNX Software Now Released

ETS6 will make entry into the KNX world even easier for new users. For experienced users, the numerous new features will ensure the switch to ETS6 pays off quickly.

KNX has just released the latest version of its popular tool for automating intelligent homes and buildings. ETS combines all the important functions for planning, configuring, commissioning and controlling smart buildings in a single tool and supports the integration of more than 8,000 intelligent home and building products from over 500 manufacturers. With this unique selling point and the important consideration that older KNX devices can also be connected easily and securely thanks to 30 years of backward compatibility, the KNX tool has become the first choice for intelligent home and building projects around the world over the past few decades.

ETS6 builds on the ETS5 platform and introduces some exciting new features, including:

  • KNX RF Line segments making it easy to add KNX RF to an existing project.
  • Secure Proxy enabling non-secure data points to be linked with secure data points.
  • KNX RF multi, which will herald a new range of KNX RF devices that use less energy.
  • Improved interface supporting multiple windows and easier navigation.
  • Updated Link-With function to speed up commissioning.
  • Better project management functions including a collaboration mode.

As it is a completely new ETS version, existing users will need to purchase an upgrade license to take advantage of these new features. Of course, ETS5 licenses will continue to work but it is no longer possible to purchase new ETS5 Licenses.

ETS6 is currently on its first version ETS 6.0.0 and it will take some time for manufacturers to test and ensure compliance so it is maybe worth waiting till the first ‘point’ update before upgrading to allow time for any initial updates to take place. 

Some other things to consider

  • ETS6 is backwards compatible, so you can open an ETS project created with all previous versions of ETS. However, projects that are created or changed in ETS6 cannot be opened in prior versions.
  • ETS5 and ETS6 can both be installed simultaneously.
  • If you upgrade a license from ETS5 to ETS6 you can still use your dongle to access ETS5 as it will have the existing license on it. However, if this is lost it won’t be possible to generate or download the ETS5 license from as this will now be the ETS6 version.
  • Supplementary licenses are no longer supported, existing supplementary licenses will be converted to full license so they can be upgraded. For new users, it is possible to buy a ‘pack’ of 3 ETS6 licenses at a reduced cost.
  • New online licenses will be available soon to make it quicker and easier to start with ETS6.

For all the details include download links, FAQs, and demonstration videos check out

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