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Theben L+B Highlights

One of your key Manufacturers, Theben, have launched a range of new products at Light + Building 2018. Here are the highlights:

LUXORliving – making your home smart

LUXORliving is a home control system based on proven KNX bus communication but, instead of ETS5, LUXORliving utilises a simple app based interface for programming and control. It offers the following functions: switching and dimming of lights, regulating the room temperature and controlling blinds/curtains.

All products are KNX certified and can be used with ETS however the real benefits of the system are seen when it is treated as a standalone system and configured with the LUXORliving IP1 system control centre. This allows fast programming via a drag and drop App, and homeowners will also benefit with a simple yet functional control app. 

Find out more about LUXORliving

KNX IP Secure Interface and Router

Taking advantage of the KNX secure standard, the new KNX IPsecure router and KNX IPsecure interface ensure that messages sent via KNX devices are authenticated and encrypted in IP networks. 

With these new IP devices, KNX devices are able to establish a secure communication channel, which makes sure of the following: 

Data integrity 

An authentication code is generated for every message in order to prevent attackers from transmitting messages that have been tampered with to gain control of the system. 


Sequence identification is used to prevent messages from being recorded and replayed at a later occasion. 


Network traffic is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access to the sent data. Encryption takes place via a symmetric key with AES-128 CCM algorithms.

Available from September 2018

Get more information on KNX Secure

New Presence Detectors

Amongst a range of new detectors there are two standout products- theRonda and thePassa.

theRonda 360 KNX FLAT DE 

This detector is perfect for rooms where a discreet design is needed. Replacing the ever-popular sphinx 331 and 332, this new product is particularly impressive thanks to its flat housing which is only 5 mm thick.

  • Flat design- 5 mm thick
  • Large, round detection area Max. 64 m2 at a room height of 4 m
  • Easy to program Via ETS or theSenda remote control.
  • Easy calibration of brightness measurement by entering the measured lux value via remote control
  • Teach-in function, scenes, self-learning time delay, short-term presence, etc.
  • Easy installation using spring clips 
  • Protection class IP54 - Safe for use in wet rooms

Available March 1st


Designed for corridors and storerooms, thePassa has two detection areas that can be controlled separately, and unique ‘Chaser’ and ‘Aura’ features not seen before on a KNX detector.

  • Two individually controllable detection areas with separate constant light control
  • Total detection area of 5 x 30m in each direction (can be masked to reduce distance)
  • Chaser light - Recognises the direction of movement and “predictively" switches on the lights in adjacent rooms
  • Walking direction recognition - Increased comfort, e.g. thanks to automatic opening of doors when a person is approaching.
  • Aura effect - Switches on the lighting group when there is a person
  • in its detection area and dims the adjacent lighting groups – for better orientation and greater safety.
  • Protection class IP54 - Safe use in wet rooms

Available June 2018

theSenda Plug App for Presence and Motion Detectors

TheSenda Plug is the new, user-friendly app for easy programming of indoor and outdoor detectors. Parameters are sent by Bluetooth to the theSenda B remote control and from there transmitted by infrared to the detector. This allows the parameters on most Theben presence and motion detectors to be set quickly, easily and safely, particularly detectors with a wide range of functions.

Available June 2018

Wall mounted Manifold Controllers - HMT 6 S/12 S KNX

The updated versions of the HMT 6 and 12 have the same wall mounted, self contained approach but have a host of new high-performance features designed to make underfloor heating systems more efficient and easier to control. 

  • Variable output signal 24 V or 0–10 V - makes the adaptation to existing systems easier and broadens the choice of compatible actuators. The 0–10 V signal allows for particularly fine tuning of the temperature.
  • Automatic calculation of the maximum actuating value for energy-efficient adjustment of the flow temperature.
  • Flexible use of each channel as a heating actuator or heating controller only requires a simple temperature sensor rather than a KNX room thermostat.
  • Participation of each channel in pump controls. Either locally via a 230v/5A contact or KNX objects.
  • Valve protection and emergency program

Available from April 2018

For more info on these and other new products, check out the full light and building summary here.

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