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Everything under control with the new Theben KNX push button interfaces

Theben have launched another great KNX product, their new push button interfaces. Have a look at their features and benefits.

The new KNX push button interfaces can record binary conditions and control indicator lamps via the outputs. If potential-free buttons or switches are connected, they can carry out different functions, such as switching, dimming, raising/lowering blinds, etc. 

Highlights of the KNX push button interfaces at a glance:

  • Several telegrams per channel: Send different conditions/values in the ‘button’ configuration type as well as up to three telegrams in the ‘switch’ configuration type.
  • Flexible LED control: Commercially available LEDs and low-current LEDs can be controlled, thanks to an increased output power of 3mA 
  • LED dimmability: Three brightness levels can be configured per output and LED for individual message status displays
  • Simple temperature measurement: Option of connecting temperature sensors to capture the room or floor temperature as well as temperature control with Theben KNX heating actuators 

For more information please contact the Ivory Egg team. We love to help find the perfect solution for you and your customer.

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